2019 conference in France

The 2019 IPFG conference was scheduled May 1 to 3 in Hotel Ile Rousse in Blandol, France.


The agenda of this conference was:

Day 1: Wednesday May 1

AM First Session Morning
Story so far – Member Update

  • Members to give a rundown of their business over the last two years.
  • Are you making money with basic trade finishing (laminating, coating, hot foiling)?
  • What is your most profitable process/product?
  • Have you made any moves away from traditional print finishing?
  • What is the level of your competition?
  • Are you the leading trade finisher in your market?
  • Are you happy with your current supply chain?
  • Have you made any changes in your purchasing of materials & equipment?
  • Wrap Up – Material price comparisons?


PM Second Session Afternoon
Digital Revolution – Is it Time?

  • Digital Print Finishing. What’s next? Any developments?
  • If you are buying or not buying this equipment, who is?
  • What are the experiences of members who have installed digital equipment since the last Conference.
  • Any comments on what the market is doing with Digital in all facets of the technology.
  • Digital foiling vs traditional foil stamping?
  • Are we ready to concentrate and act on digital print finishing and what is the best equipment to buy?
  • Wrap Up – Is it time to go digital in a major way?

Day 2: Thursday May 2

Social day, no conference meetings.

Day 3: Friday May 3

AM First Session Morning
Climate Change – Are we at Risk?

  • Climate Change/the Environment/ Future Pressures on business.
  • Are you facing future legislation which will impact on print finishing?
  • What is the future for print finishing with packaging and other printed products as we face environmental pressures and restraints by Governments and the general public.
  • Is there a positive with these environmental changes?
  • Can we keep up with the increasing speed of progress and consumer demands.
  • Wrap Up – Should we be afraid of environmental pressures?


PM Second Session Afternoon
Future Plans – Digital Yes or No!

  • Where are you going in the next 2-5 years.
  • What is your business model for the future?
  • Is Digital part of your plans?
  • Survival Training – are you still better than your competition? You need to be last man standing!
  • How can we move forward and grow our businesses.
  • Are our core products sustainable in the current and future business climate.
  • Are there avenues for diversification or other products/processes which are aligned with our current core business.
  • Any ideas or early developments that we should consider for application to our own market place.
  • How can we save money by optimizing our technical & commercial processes.
  • Is there a possibility for joint purchasing to pressure suppliers for better pricing?

Wrap Up – Are we ready for major investment in Digital Print Finishing?

Closing: Where is next Conference?

Plans for Drupa?

Vote for new chairman.