2019 conference in Bandol, France

The 2019 conference was held May 1 – 3 at the Thalazur Bandol Île Rousse hotel in Bandol.

Based on the input from the members the following aspects were discussed:

Story so far – member update
Members gave a rundown of their business over the past two years. Discussed was how business was going, what new developments we made, the  expectations for the future, etc.

Digital revolution – is it time?
Members had lively discussion on the experiences with digital equipment. Only a few members have installed such devices or are looking at it. The conclusion was that everyone remains  informed, but the general feeling as trade finishers is that it is difficult to make these digital devices profitable.

Climate change – are we at risk?
Everyone feels the impact of the climate discussion, but we still believe there is a future for print finishers. New products that provide opportunities for the future are being developed.

Generally, all members are looking rather positive towards the future, although we all see the challenges that the discussion on plastics brings.

Future plans – digital Yes or No!
The conference ended with a discussion on the developments in our industry, and what plans we can expect from companies for the future. Equipment and buying new were also discussed, and what developments we can expect from  the individual members in the coming years.

But it was not only about business discussions. The entire group also visited Bandol and surroundings, and the beautiful nature of the French coast as part of the social program.