2017 conference in The Netherlands

The 2017 IPFG conference was scheduled April 19-21 in the Radison Blu Palace Hotel in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The future of IPFG and the challenges we face was an important subject during the conference discussions. There are significant changes ahead within our group due to the ever changing rationalisation of the printing industry. The program involved substantial member involvement. For this the participants brought data including raw materials used, supplier details and other relevant information.

On the third day of the conference we visited two locations of Bron Groep.
On the fourth day we visited the famous Keukenhof flower exhibition. At night, Guus and Patricia entertained us with a walking dinner.
The partner program included a daytrip to Amsterdam witha  canal tour, and a trip to the Zaansche Schans historic area, including lunch and Amsterdam Gardens Flower Area tour.
On the final day all participants and partners could enjoy the Noordwijk and Bulb Region flower parade.