2022 conference in Greece

The 2022 conference in Greece was initially scheduled in 2021, but was delayed due to the corona pandemic.

We were lucky that we could meet September 6 – 10, 2022 at:

Westin Resort – COSTA NAVARINO

Theme of the conference was the future of our industry.

The conference started with a rundown of their business by the members after the Covid pandemic. We all survived, but the influence it had differs for each individual member.

Other subjects that were discussed:

  • Climate change – Meeting recycling requirements – Are we at risk?
  • Digital revolution – Is the time right – Do we have a choice?
  • Future plans
  • Technical sessions

Specifically with the technical sessions members could benefit from the knowledge and techniques of the colleagues from other countries. Here the most inspiring discussions arose among the members.

On the last day of the conference there were also sessions with various suppliers.

Kurz introduces their KTR Reco program, a transfer metallisation film where the PET carrier will be recycled by Kurz. By using this technique, a more sustainable end product can be achieved.

In a second session Actega explained the possibilities of their barrier coatings. No “all in one” solutions available, but there are solutions for short term storage and for use on the market. Actega also explained their Ecoleaf technique, a metallisation technique for label production.

During the final session the members decided that the next conference will be scheduled in Germany 2024, at the same time with the Drupa trade fair in Düsseldorf.